Spyderco Assist I Knife

Designed for emergency/fire/rescue professionals who rely on their knives to function flawlessly under pressure, the Assist features a patented VG-10 blunt-tipped blade, with a toothy 80% SpyderEdge for aggressively cutting seatbelts and fibrous material. The last inch of the tip is PlainEdge for detailed cutting. The Cobra Hood positions the thumb directly over the hole for quick blade deployment, and then doubles as a leveraging platform for the thumb. The wavy pattern cut from the top of the blade and along the inside of the handle lets you place a piece of rope between the half-open blade and handle and scissor the blade shut. This is especially convenient for cutting rope in and around flesh without having to fully open/expose the knife’s blade. In the closed position, squeeze the blade deeper into the handle and a retractable carbide tip protrudes from the base for breaking glass. Outlined in safety orange on the handle’s spine is a shrill and attention-pitched survival whistle. Carries left-/right-handed, tip-up by means of a tension wire clip.

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