Lumidor MicroMax Plus Gas Monitor

The best microprocessor controlled multi-gas monitor on the market today, the MicroMax Pro has the same two-button operating system that has made Lumidor detectors the first choice of confined space rescue teams. It is easy to use, reliable, economical, and lightweight with a fast response time and features easy calibration and data logging. The four-line LCD display is easy to read and includes battery status and a real-time clock. Its high-visibility yellow case is impact, dust, and water resistant. The MicroMax Pro samples the four primary gases of concern to rescuers: combustibles (LEL), oxygen (O2), carbon monoxide (CO), and hydrogen sulfide (H2S). An internal pump allows efficient pre-entry testing, but the unit can also operate in the diffusion mode. Included accessories: rubber boot and shoulder strap, NiMH battery pack with four-hour charger, dust filter, alkaline battery holder, 10-ft (3-m) sampling hose with water trap and particle filter.

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