Tower Rescue Kit

Years of experience in our Tower Rescue classes have enabled CMC to refine the equipment list that provides safer access when working at heights, but has the minimum gear needed to initiate an onsite rescue or to respond to tower rescues. This kit provides all the equipment necessary for performing everything from one-person rappel pick-off to a team-based lowering pick-off.
Kit Includes:
[product_popup post_id="1478" override_link_label="Rope & Equipment Bags™ - XL (2)"/] [product_popup post_id="1509" override_link_label="Lassen Duffel Bag™ - Medium"/]
[product_popup post_id="44449" override_link_label="Rope Bag - #1"/] [product_popup post_id="47421" override_link_label=""/]
[product_popup post_id="20203" override_link_label=""/] [product_popup post_id="25" override_link_label="MPD™ - 11 mm (2)"/]
[product_popup post_id="971" override_link_label="PMP Swivel Pulley (3)"/] [product_popup post_id="1241" override_link_label=""/]
[product_popup post_id="1411" override_link_label=""/] [product_popup post_id="1414" override_link_label=""/]
[product_popup post_id="1406" override_link_label="Petzl Grillon Hook"/] [product_popup post_id="1694" override_link_label="Maillon Rapide Quick Link - Delta"/]
[product_popup post_id="427" override_link_label="ProTech™ Manual-Lock Carabiners - Slate (6)"/] [product_popup post_id="1678" override_link_label="Anchor Plate"/]
[product_popup post_id="1645" override_link_label="FastLink™ Anchor Strap - Medium (4)"/] [product_popup post_id="1666" override_link_label="Anchor Strap Sleeve - Medium (4)"/]
[product_popup post_id="642" override_link_label=""/] [product_popup post_id="1624" override_link_label=""/]
[product_popup post_id="1636" override_link_label=""/] [product_popup post_id="1065" override_link_label="Edge Pad - XL (3)"/]
[product_popup post_id="9195" override_link_label="AZ Bound-Loop Prusiks - Short (4)"/] [product_popup post_id="1043" override_link_label="Tubular Webbing - 40 ft (2 x 20 ft)"/]
[product_popup post_id="444" override_link_label="Static-Pro™ Lifeline - 250 ft of 7/16 in "/] [product_popup post_id="444" override_link_label="Static-Pro™ Lifeline - 250 ft of 7/16 in (Additional Color)"/]
[product_popup post_id="1013" override_link_label="Prusik Cord - 300 ft of 6 mm"/]

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