Air Operations Rescue Kit

A hoist-equipped helicopter is an excellent platform for rescue operations, but equipment is still required for crew safety and patient transport. The same equipment also works for short haul operations. CMC's Air Operations Rescue Kit provides the basic equipment needed for two rescue personnel and for either a patient on a backboard or an ambulatory patient.  
Kit Includes:
Helitack™ Airbag [product_popup post_id="47376" override_link_label=""/]
[product_popup post_id="1325" override_link_label="Helitack Harness (2)"/] [product_popup post_id="1514" override_link_label=""/]
[product_popup post_id="427" override_link_label="ProTech™ Manual-Lock Carabiners - Brite (6)"/] [product_popup post_id="2276" override_link_label=""/]
[product_popup post_id="2292" override_link_label="100 ft Tagline Set"/]

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