USAR Task Force MPD™ Rigging Kit

A good package for a truck or engine company that responds to over-the-side rescues or needs a vertical lift capability for trench or confined space rescues, this kit contains the primary rope rescue equipment on most of the FEMA and USAR requirements lists. For a communications capabiity, add the Con-Space USAR Task Force Kit.  
Both the USAR Task Force Traditional and MPD Rigging Kits Include:
[product_popup post_id="44449" override_link_label="Rope Bags - #2 (2)"/] [product_popup post_id="1514" override_link_label=""/]
[product_popup post_id="1552" override_link_label=""/] [product_popup post_id="1595" override_link_label=""/]
[product_popup post_id="47401" override_link_label="Response Harness™ (2)"/] [product_popup post_id="1734" override_link_label=""/]
[product_popup post_id="1826" override_link_label=""/] [product_popup post_id="2318" override_link_label=""/]
[product_popup post_id="1773" override_link_label=""/] [product_popup post_id="2300" override_link_label="Etrier with Tie-In"/]
[product_popup post_id="47396" override_link_label="CMC Ascender (2)"/] [product_popup post_id="1203" override_link_label=""/]
[product_popup post_id="405" override_link_label="ProSeries® Manual-Lock Carabiners - Slate (4)"/] [product_popup post_id="427" override_link_label="ProTech™ Auto-Lock Carabiner - Red"/]
[product_popup post_id="2294" override_link_label="Adjustable Litter Strap (4)"/] [product_popup post_id="642" override_link_label=""/]
[product_popup post_id="1645" override_link_label="FastLink™ Anchor Strap - Medium (2)"/] [product_popup post_id="1666" override_link_label="Anchor Strap Sleeve - Medium (2)"/]
[product_popup post_id="1058" override_link_label="Ultra-Pro™ 4 Edge Protector"/] [product_popup post_id="1065" override_link_label="Edge Pad - XL (2)"/]
[product_popup post_id="9195" override_link_label="AZ Bound-Loop Prusiks - Short (4)"/] [product_popup post_id="444" override_link_label="Static-Pro™ Lifeline - 2 x 200 ft (2 different colors) of 1/2 in"/]
[product_popup post_id="1043" override_link_label="Tubular Webbing - 30 ft (6 x 5 ft)"/] [product_popup post_id="1043" override_link_label="Tubular Webbing - 72 ft (6 x 12 ft - Additional Color)"/]
[product_popup post_id="1043" override_link_label="Tubular Webbing - 90 ft (6 x 15 ft - Additional Color)"/] [product_popup post_id="1043" override_link_label="Tubular Webbing - 120 ft (6 x 20 ft - Additional Color)"/]
USAR Task Force MPD Rigging Kit (#500631) Also Includes:
[product_popup post_id="25" override_link_label="MPD™ - 13 mm (2)"/] [product_popup post_id="405" override_link_label="ProSeries® Manual-Lock Carabiners - Slate (5)"/]
[product_popup post_id="971" override_link_label="PMP Swivel Pulleys (3)"/] [product_popup post_id="991" override_link_label=""/]

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