Escape Artist™ Lumbar System

Reversible Low-Profile System   The compact Escape Artist Lumbar System equips you with all the efficient tools you need for a successful emergency egress, and allows hands-free operation to ensure a safe edge transition and controllable descent. Our Lumbar Bag’s unique design efficiently organizes the Escape Artist™ and rope/web separately, with the FlashLite™ Hook readily deployable from its quick-draw style pouch. The narrow bag profile provides comfortable, evenly-balanced weight distribution while nesting below the SCBA. The bag attaches securely to an escape belt or harness with four easy-open, height-adjustable attachments. The durable rip-stop Nomex® fabric offers heat, flame, abrasion, and water resistance and the system is reversible for right- or left-side carry, with hi-viz reflective strips on both sides. The integrated flame- and temperature-resistant components include our patented FlashLite Hook escape anchor, 50 feet of 100% Technora ProSeries Escape Line (7.5 mm, 29 kN / 6,519 lbf) or Web (11 mm, 27 kN / 6,070 lbf), and a Single-Brake Escape Artist, completely assembled and ready for rapid, reliable deployment. Delivering outstanding strength with minimal weight (just 5.6 ounces!), the innovative CMC Rescue FlashLite Hook (15 kN / 3,372 lbf) escape anchor is the lightest Escape Use-certified model available. The hook’s ergonomic design eliminates excess bulk, and its compact .375” width provides the slimmest profile possible. Web vs. Rope Escape Systems Our 100% Technora Fire Escape Web (11 mm) greatly reduces the profile size and weight of the escape system, making it the perfect lightweight and most compact escape solution available.

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