PATENT-PENDING Our new 3D™ locking-bar descender delivers the ultimate in safety, control and performance, in one compact and lightweight device. The 3D features two sliding bars for optimum friction control and efficiency. The horn design works well with 13mm rope and smaller, making it easy to add or subtract friction as needed throughout the evolution. The frame dimensions allow for larger rescue-sized carabiners to be used without any contact or friction with the rope. The descender can be loaded or unloaded while connected to your harness for rappelling or to an anchor for one- or two-person rescue lowers.

  About CMC Rescue’s Super Black Finish Our 3D, Rescue Rack and Rescue 8 products feature an exceptionally long-wear proprietary finish because typical hard or soft anodizing on aluminum descenders eventually wears through. The finish also prevents transfer of material to the rope, common with bare aluminum components. After years of heavy use, our products and test samples with our Super Black Finish continue to be used in CMC Rescue School classes without showing any indication of the surface wearing through.

3D: A new Dimension in Descending


Using the 3D as a Descent Device and Rappel Application


Using the 3D as a Lowering Device

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