CMC/Roco Universal Combo Harness

Designed for Rope Rescue and Rappelling   The Universal Combo Harness combines the CMC/Roco Universal Chest Harness and CMC/Roco Universal Seat Harness to form a one-piece harness that meets the requirements for an NFPA Class III harness. The Chest Harness can be removed so that the Seat Harness can be used alone. Fall Arrest and the Combo Harness In ANSI Z359.0, the definition of a chest-waist harness excludes a combo harness from the fall arrest standard since the chest and pelvic sections of the harness can be separated. NFPA 1983 does allow a combo harness to be certified as Class III and the ProSeries Combo and CMC/Roco Universal Combo are classified to that standard.  

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