R. Lipke

Technical Rescue Riggers Guide

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2nd Edition by Rick Lipke

A completely updated version of the original Technical Rescue Riggers Guide, this pocket reference guide shows safe, modern techniques with more than 500 clear illustrations and photos, from basic knots and anchors to high lines, helo rescues, and more. Printed in color on high-tech storm-proof/tear-resistant paper, the guide is completely cross referenced with handy safety reminders throughout. This is not an instructional text, but rather a quick pocket reference guide for personnel already trained and familiar with modern rope rescue. 196 pages.

About Our Selection of Books
We have compiled an outstanding selection of books on rescue. However, there is no substitute for proper training and time in the field for gaining the skills needed to provide safe and effective emergency assistance.

Please Note: CMC Rescue recognizes that there are many different techniques in rescue. While our book selection reflects the leading authorities and most popular texts, as with all publications, recent developments in equipment and practices may not be included.

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Technical Rescue Riggers Guide

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