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Steel Locking D Carabiners

Our Steel Locking D Carabiners are proven workhorses for rescue and rope access applications. Certified to NFPA – General Use, these carabiners are available in both Screw-lock and Auto-lock gate models that feature an improved key-lock nose to prevent snagging while loading or unloading. These standard-sized carabiners can be easily opened with one hand with a gate opening wide enough to fit over most litter rails. Heat-treated and built to exacting standards, every carabiner is proof loaded.

Steel Major Axis Minor Axis Major, Gate Open
300110 72kn 12kn 22kn
300115 72kn 12kn 22kn
300120 72kn 12kn 22kn



Working-At-Height / Industrial Rope Access / Technical Rope Rescue
Working at height requires reliable, quality equipment. The Steel Locking D Carabiners can be used with confidence for work positioning or fall restraint protection in work-at-height maneuvers for industrial rope access or technical rope rescue when used in accordance with the regulatory safety standards they fall under. Always use life safety equipment and gear according to the regulatory safety standards for which it is classified and/or certified.


Steel Locking D Carabiners Product Specs

Option Item Product Weight Gate Opening Interior Length Gate / Color NFPA Rating 3 Sigma MBS Price
Screw-Lock, Gold 300110 10 oz (283 g) 1.1 in (28 mm) 3.95 in (100 mm) Screw-Lock / Gold General Use 72 kN (16,186 lbf) $ 56 Add to Cart
Screw-Lock, Black 300115 10 oz (283 g) 1.1 in (28 mm) 3.95 in (100 mm) Screw-Lock / Black General Use 72 kN (16,186 lbf) $ 59 Add to Cart
Auto-Lock, Gold 300120 10.9 oz (309 g) 1.1 in (28 mm) 3.95 in (100 mm) Auto-Lock / Gold General Use 72 kN (16,186 lbf) $ 68 Add to Cart

Steel Locking D Carabiners

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