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MPD™ (Multi-Purpose Device)

Pat. 7,658,264



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  • 333000 MPD (13mm)
  • 333010 MPD (11mm)
  • 501139 Rope Rescue Truck Cache Kit – MPD [2 MPDs]
  • 501357 Rope Rescue Team Kit – Complete (MPD Rigging Kit) [2 MPDs]
  • 501358 Rope Rescue Team Kit – Complete (MPD Rigging Kit) [2 MPDs]
  • 501135 Rope Rescue Team Kit – Rigging (MPD Rigging Kit) [2 MPDs]
  • 500631 USAR Task Force Kit (MPD Rigging Kit) [2 MPDs]
  • 501431 Tower Rescue Kit (MPD) [2 MPDs]
  • 501433 Tower Guiding Line Kit [1 MPD]

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  • Find out what others are saying about the CMC MPD!
  • Watch the MPD Quick Reference Training Videos, highlighting basic features and how to’s (Produced by Tom Pendley of Desert Rescue Research)



An innovation in rope rescue!

The MPD allows you to go from lowering to raising without changing hardware. More than nine years of research and development went into the patented Multi-Purpose Device (MPD), which features major innovations in advanced technical hardware for rope rescue professionals. The MPD’s high-efficiency pulley, with an integral rope-grab mechanism, allows it to be used as a lowering device on the main line and belay line systems and be quickly changed over to a raising system without switching out or replacing hardware. The combination of essential features into a single device simplifies on-scene rigging, expediting the rescue. The revolutionary MPD increases user safety with:

  • Reduced Weight
  • Fewer Components
  • Faster Rigging
  • Quick Changeovers
  • Simplified Training
  • Lower Risk

The MPD is UL Classified as a pulley, descent control device and belay device.


  • Variable-friction descent control device for rescue systems and rappels
  • Incorporates a high efficiency pulley with an integral rope-locking mechanism (ratchet) for a haul system
  • Built-in becket allows cleaner rigging and more efficient pulley systems
  • Allows main line and belay line rigging to be mirrored or twin-tensioned
  • Functions as both a lowering brake and as a ratcheting pulley for raising
  • Ideal for confined space operations because it converts rapidly to a retrieval line
  • Meets BCCTR Rescue Belay Competency Criteria**

The MPD comes with a padded Cordura nylon storage bag and User’s Manual.

*13 mm version designed for use with 12.5 – 13 mm rope. Rope used for certification rounded up to 13 mm per NFPA 1983. 11 mm model is designed for and tested with 11 mm rope. 11 mm model UL rated “T” Technical Use for descent control.

** The British Columbia Council of Technical Rescue (BCCTR) Belay Competency Drop Test specifies a 1-meter drop onto 3 meters of kernmantle rescue rope with less than 1 meter of additional travel and less than 15 kN peak force. For a General Use rated device, a 280-kg load and a 12.7-mm rope are generally used. For a Technical Use device, a 200-kg load and an 11-mm rope are used.


MPD™ (Multi-Purpose Device) Product Specs

Option Item Product Weight Rope Size Color NFPA Rating (Pulley, Belay) NFPA Rating (Descent Control) 3 sigma MBS Pulley 3 sigma MBS Descent Control Price
11 mm Model 333010 2.6 lb (1.2 kg) 11 mm (7/16 in) Slate General Use Technical Use 44 kN (9,891 lbf) 20 kN (4,496 lbf) $ 695 Add to Cart
13 mm Model 333000 2.6 lb (1.2 kg) 13 mm (1/2 in) Red General Use General Use 44 kN (9,891 lbf) 23 kN (5,170 lbf) $ 695 Add to Cart

MPD™ (Multi-Purpose Device) Essentials

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