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Roger That: Essential Personal Gear Tools for Rescue

He¬†asked, you answered.¬†Learn what other rescue professionals never leave home without.   In Case of Emergency… Proper clothing:¬†Weather and terrain can greatly influence the choices and affect the outcome and endurance of resucers. Structural fire fighting gear is not suited … Continue reading

Popular Knots and Bends for Rope Access

Popular Knots and Bends¬†for¬†Rope Access¬†(video in 4K). In this video we review popular knots and bends for rope access, with step-by-step instructions on how to tie the following Figure 8 on a Bight/Follow-through Alpine Butterfly Double Fisherman’s Bend Double Overhand … Continue reading

Popular Knots and Hitches for Rope Rescue

Popular Knots and Hitches for¬†Rope Rescue (video in 4K). In this video, we¬†review the best knots and hitches for rope rescue, with step-by-step instructions on how to tie¬†the following: Munter Hitch Scaffold Knot Prusik Hitch Bowline on a coil See … Continue reading

Rope Access into Technical Rescue

This article, written by Tom Pendley, was originally published on Firehouse.com on May 1, 2017. Two level III Rope Access Technicians meet at the halfway point pre-rigging protection lines under the Grand ¬†Canyon Skywalk. The Skywalk is a glass walkway … Continue reading

Roger That: Know Before You Go!

He¬†asked, you answered. Here are some great pointers for adventure goers, from rescue professionals like YOU!   Check Your Selfie Take pictures of everyone in your party. Especially kids. If anyone gets separated or lost we know what they look … Continue reading

Faster, Lighter, Safer: The CMC Rescue MPD vs. a Traditional Rigging System

  For when time is of the essence during a rescue, the CMC Rescue MPD‚ĄĘ proves to be the faster, lighter and safer choice for raising and lowering. In this video, a side by side comparison demonstrates the ease of … Continue reading