Rooted in Rescue: Beyond Rescue

Glimpse the future of CMC in our new video!   As a Scout in his youth, and a lifelong search and rescue volunteer with Santa Barbara County SAR, Jim Frank’s legacy is one of integrity and dedication to safety. In … Continue reading

Rooted in Rescue: The CMC Rescue School

Students attending CMC Rescue school. Image taken early 1990’s   Jim Frank and CMC Rescue’s experience and expertise over the past 40 years isn’t just about equipment, but includes education and training for rescue and rope access professionals all over … Continue reading

Rooted in Rescue: A Scout’s Honor

Many CMC employees, including Founder Jim Frank (second from right), serve on SAR teams and Fire Departments around the country. (Three are members of the Santa Barbara County Search And Rescue Team.)   In facing exciting new horizons, grounding ourselves in … Continue reading

What is 3 Sigma MBS?

You might think that answering the question “how strong is my carabiner?” would be relatively easy. But even with modern, high-tech alloys, two identical carabiners will break at slightly different forces. So, breaking the five samples called for by the … Continue reading

Pulleys and Mechanical Advantage Systems

Raising systems are essential in any rescue or rigging scenario in which loads are lifted using rope. A raising system using a combination of pulleys to leverage the force applied in lifting is referred to as a mechanical advantage (M/A) system. Whether building … Continue reading