Popular Knots and Bends for Rope Access

Popular Knots and Bends for Rope Access (video in 4K). In this video we review popular knots and bends for rope access, with step-by-step instructions on how to tie the following Figure 8 on a Bight/Follow-through Alpine Butterfly Double Fisherman’s Bend Double Overhand … Continue reading

Popular Knots and Hitches for Rope Rescue

Popular Knots and Hitches for Rope Rescue (video in 4K). In this video, we review the best knots and hitches for rope rescue, with step-by-step instructions on how to tie the following: Munter Hitch Scaffold Knot Prusik Hitch Bowline on a coil See … Continue reading

Video Series: Helitack Extraction Solutions

Designed for rapid and secure patient extraction by means of helicopter hoist or short-haul evacuation, the certified Helitack Airbag™, certified Helitack HotSeat™ and Helitack Stork pediatric extrication device, will protect your patients in the harshest of environments.  

CMC Rescue Holiday Mannequin Challenge

  Happy Holidays from CMC Rescue! Things can get a little crazy during the holiday season! Follow along as we take you through our headquarters for some merriment and mannequin antics!

2016 ICAR Highlights Videos

Each year CMC Rescue co-sponsors the highlights video for the International Congress for Alpine Rescue (ICAR) produced by Topograph Media. This year’s congress took place October 19-22, 2016 in Borovets, Bulgaria.   Part 1 Part 1 features 6 selected presentations:  Dr. … Continue reading

The New CMC Helix Harness™

  The Helix Harness™ is the perfect solution for professional Rope Access technicians who require optimum performance, dependability, and all-day comfort in their harness. This next generation harness construction incorporates new design features throughout to provide the ultimate in support … Continue reading