The CMC Rescue Field Guide App combines three rescue guide manuals into one, allowing quick access to rope rescue and access diagrams, reference charts, how-to information and rescue references, all from the palm of your hand while out in the field. App is available free from the App store and Google Play.

Free from the App Store and Google Play.

CMC Rescue has put its authoritative Rope Rescue Field Guide, and Confined Space Entry and Rescue Guide into an invaluable, full-featured new app. It’s packed with reference charts, diagrams, and how-to information. You can even customize it with your own notes, photos, and documents for quick reference in the field!

The Rescue Field Guide App works anywhere.

Access and manage rescue resources with or without reception or Wi-Fi. Whether you’re at the station, high on the mountain, or deep into the wilderness, you can stay on top of your profession.

With the Rescue Field Guide App you Can

  • Access rescue references instantly in the palm of your hand
  • Create your own customized user notes and link to sections within the guide
  • Customize your field guide, optimized for your specialty
  • Browse equipment and information, tutorials, and product user manuals


  • v2.3 [ current ] Minor bug fixes, content changes, compatibility with the new iPad
  • v2.2 Minor bug fixes, content changes
  • v2.1 minor bug fixes, content changes
  • v2.0 Major update offering useful new functionality to allow for customization of your field guides
  • v1.0 [ first release ]


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